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Moo Business cards…..

Moo products have been quite the buzz for a while now, and I may be a little late to the party with this one but I thought I would let you know my thoughts on the Moo products I’ve used so far, in particular their business cards.

I first came across Moo cards when a lovely friend of mine bought me some mini cards to promote my Etsy shop where I was selling jewellery. Since then I have purchased their Business cards and Facebook cards and have a wish list of other products I would like to buy to really have a ‘look’ for my freelance business (I’m looking at you lovely round stickers!). I should say I am quite fussy and particular about what I look for in products like this so it says a lot when I find something that hits the spot, it is after all an extension of yourself and your business and I personally feel it needs to reflect that. I wanted something that felt high quality, looked slick and offered the option of a few different designs. Needless to say they didn’t disappoint.

(round cornered business cards)

So what do they offer I hear you say? Moo offers the option of a variety of card stock for your cards to be printed on; Classic (my current choice) which comes in a matte or glossy finish and the Luxe range, four layers of high quality thick paper sandwiched together with the option of a one of four colours to create a delicious coloured edge (these are on my wish list for when I run out!!). You can choose the style of the corners i.e. rounded or square (I do love a rounded corner!) and you can either choose to upload your own images/designs for your cards or use one of the many gorgeous designs they have available all of which can be edited on both sides of the card. I’ve used both of these options and it is so simple to do in either case, the whole process is made as easy as possible for you. I used a customised moo design for my regular cards as I just wanted something that reflected the artistic nature of my workshops without being to specific. The Facebook cards and Mini cards both used my own photos. The Printfinity option means you can have a range of say 5 different designs in one print run. This has proven to very popular as people I give my cards to tend to want to pick their favourite and sometimes take more than one to have a ‘collection’ of the different designs. They also never fail to get a positive comment when I pass them on. The options to customise seem to be endless so there is definitely something for everyone.

Once you have what you want you have the option to save it and come back later, which is great, if you can’t do it all in one go. Or if you’re like me and like to look at it a few times to make sure it’s exactly what you want! Even the packaging they are sent in is lush. A matte black sturdy box which works great as a presentation case if your doing something where you need to have your cards available for people to pick up as they pass by. I’ve found the Facebook cards great for passing on info about Imprint to people. It has everything they need to know and it has consistency visually with the Facebook page which is nice when your trying to keep to a brand image.

And if after all of this you are still unsure I suggest you order one of their free sample packs here. Don’t forget to check out their other products on their website here and their blog and inspiration pages too, which is full of inspiring ideas and interviews.

Have you used moo products before and what do you think of them? Or do you think you would give them a go?

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