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Lets talk scarves….

I know what your thinking..isn't this blog just about art? Well, I thought I would add a little more 'lifestyle' to this blog as I've been gradually been trying to show it a bit more love in the past few months and wanted to add some different categories into the mix. 

First up is this little gem of a scarf. I know it might seem odd to talk about scarves as most people are looking forward to spring now, but lets be honest people there is still a nip in the air! 
This little beauty was purchased at the Frankfurt Christmas Market in Birmingham. As an extension of the Frankfurt Market with its delicious food and drink there is a Christmas Craft Market which has stalls   selling items by local artisans and those from around the world. One that I never fail to stop and look at is a lovely stall run by Wyrd Loom. They sell a wide range of scarves as well as mufflers, stoles, shawls, socks and hats. The couple behind the company live in the Himalayas for most of the year working with weaving co-operatives and village communities to create these quality handmade items. They use century old traditional methods to spin and weave the natural fibres and specialise in unusual yarns such as camel wool, yak, cashmere, and angora.

I can honestly say the quality is superb and i know that this scarf will last me years and keep me toasty warm. The scarf I have is made from yak wool and has a lovely smooth feel to it, not to mention being absolutely huge in size! (you could wear this as a large shawl easily). As for the cost well it was £40 but they come in a range of sizes, designs and prices so there is something for everyone. Personally, this is a lot of money for me to spend on an item but I think some pieces are worth investing in for the long run and you end up saving money. 

What pieces do you like to spend a little bit more on? 

Wyrd Loom can be found here 
Want to know more about Birmingham's Frankfurt Market? find out more here

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