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Books I'd recommend…...part 2

My second recommendation is Blog INC. by Joy Deangdeelert Cho. Again this was another random internet find for me. I looked up some reviews on Amazon etc. and thought that it might be a helpful little guide to help push my blog along a bit. Now, I think blogging and social media can be excellent outlets and tools to utilise in business/life but I've always felt like I haven't really being utilising them to their full potential hence the reason I wanted to do a little swatting up with the help of this book!

(Little beauty)

So, first up is a small point but something I feel is really worth mentioning and that's the presentation. This is one good looking book! It's a nice size for carrying around (A5) and come on now, who doesn't love rounded corners? Inside the layout is clear and quirky with little illustrations and lovely fonts.

Looks aside, this book offers a helpful break down from the basics of how to name your blog to more advanced blogging realms of sponsorship and advertising. It's for people who want to blog for fun through to those who perhaps want to go full time with it. It does have profiles of successful bloggers dotted along the way a lot of whom are creative types which I thought was a nice touch as they were rather inspiring insights. This is a book for bloggers written by a blogger and she knows what she's talking about in my opinion.

Although there is a creative, artsy vibe about the book that I personally liked it doesn't mean this is a book specifically for creative sorts. It really is a well written and useful read for anyone who wants to get into blogging and for anyone who wants to develop their blog further. 

I'd love to know what you have found useful for blogging ideas and inspiration. 

Thanks for reading,

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(Disclaimer: Any recommendations or reviews I give are of items I have paid for with my own pennies, they are not sponsored in any way)

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