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So you may or may not know about a new venture of mine that I've just started up…...

A while back I was running a drop in session at a local cafe/bar for kids to come along and make Christmas decorations. It turned out a lot of adults wanted to join in. In fact they were totally into it, I'm talking serious zen level concentration! Everyone said how much they enjoyed it and how it would be great if I held regular arty nights for adults.
Life can be stressful and it's nice to just say sod the boring day to day and do something enjoyable for yourself. This is what IMPRINT is all about, putting the day to day stuff aside and doing something enjoyable, relaxing and most importantly creative. It's for any skill level and there's no pressure.

I held a free taster last month (which I will post about in more detail seperatley) and there was a lot of interest. I was really pleased that people turned up and enjoyed themselves. For the long term I hope to run these events every month as paid classes/workshops (a girls gotta make a living after all!).

This is pretty daunting for me as self promotion does not come naturally so I'm trying something new and putting myself out there and spreading the word!

Do you have any events or self promotion tips you think would be useful to share? Please leave a comment if you do it would make my day!

Ciao Ciao!

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