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IMPRINT bunting...

Last month I did my debut taster session for IMPRINT and I thought I would share some of the work created…

The idea was to do something that people could dip in and have a go at without to much fuss and that there was something they could take away with them at the end. So naturally we did bunting pennants! The lovely part was that people left one of their prints behind to contribute to the bunting I had started and it will be put up at future sessions. Think of it like a bat signal that Imprint is on!

Without further ado…

(Images above created by participants) 

(Images above created by me)

How much would you pay to do something like this at your local cafe bar (all materials included)? I'm looking to charge between £10-15 per person, what do you think? 

Ciao Ciao!

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