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I can finally let you know about a new venture of mine which I'm quite excited about! I'm running a free taster for an art/craft group I'm launching in my local area of Kings Heath, Birmingham. With enough interest and support I hope to make it a regular feature on the Kings Heath scene, offering art classes to the creative and crafty public! It's going to be held at the lovely Loco Lounge.

Big thanks to the lovely Yee Ting Kuit for her typography skills and also for my new header (which is viewable if your browsing on your phone or tablet etc.)

If your in the area I hope to see you at Crafty B****** and if not keep your fingers and toes crossed it goes well for me.

Ciao Ciao,

Yee Ting Kuit- check her out
Crafty B****** Facebook page

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